[lightbox href=”image.jpg”]Example[/lightbox] What type of WordPress is this? We install WordPress.org on your site.  This differs from WordPress.com or WordPress Multisite which have limitations to what you can do with your site.   What kind of limitations do I have with my site? The great thing about choosing WordPress.org is you don’t have many limitations.  You can make your site do practically anything.  Just make sure you read the terms of service of your hosting company if you are posting “questionable” content.   How do you make money? Well thanks for your interest!  We make money through our referrals to our hosting partner and when you take interest in our other products and services.   Can I use an existing hosting account? To use our setup service, you must use a new hosting account with our partner.  This is because it is not practical to have a application that works on every different web host as they all work differently.   Can I pay you to setup a blog on my current hosting account? Sure, we would be happy to manually build one of our sites on your domain and hosting for a $100 setup fee.  Sometimes this can be more time consuming than going directly to our site.  Email info@freeblogfactory.com with your request.   Can I use a domain I already own? Absolutely you can.  After you submit your name and email on the next page just select the box for a domain you already own.  Once your order is placed, you will get instructions on how to change your nameservers.   Can I use any theme I want?
Yes if you don’t want to use one of the themes we provide for you by WooThemes, you can use any WordPress.org compatible theme.   Can a designer to customize my site? Of course.  The great thing about WordPress is that there are many awesome designers and developers out there that know the platform well.  This site is actually built on a custom designed WordPress theme.   What are the limitations with my site? You do not have any limitations by us with your site.  Once your site is built, it is your and you are the only one who has access to your sites files.   How much is the hosting?
The hosting prices can change so the best thing to do is enter your name and email here, choose any domain and you will see all the different pricing options for the hosting accounts and extras.   How much does a domain cost? If you decide to buy a domain through our hosting partner, it will be $14.95.  You can find places cheaper out there on the internet, however it will take more time and effort on your part as you will need to change the nameservers yourself.   Are there any contracts? There are no hidden contracts or any games whatsoever.  Just pay for your domain name and hosting and we take care of the rest.  And we do not sell or rent your email address either.

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