*I understand that by clicking the button above, all I have to do to claim my free blog setup is to order ANY HostGator hosting package using your affiliate link. I also have taken the time to read the Frequently Asked Questions section on this page before submitting this form and understand completely how this process works.

Frequently Asked Questions

If it's free, what's the catch ... how do you make money?

When you purchase your hosting through our partner HostGator, they pay us a small commission for referring you to their service. We use that money to pay our team to build your blog.


Is HostGator a good hosting service?

Absolutely. In fact they are one of the best. You get 24/7 exceptional customer support, unlimited storage space, and unlimited email accounts. And thanks to our relationship with HostGator, our customers get their hosting at the largest discount that HostGator offers -- 30% off!


What type of WordPress blog is this?

Your blog will be built on This is otherwise known as a “self hosted” WordPress blog. It is a software that is installed on your hosting account and gives you complete control and flexibility over your blog. This differs from or Blogger, who own your content when using their platform for your blog. They also limit how you can customize your blog and what you can use it for.


What do you mean you are going to "take care of the design" for me?

WordPress works by themes and plugins. Think of a theme as a cover for you cell phone. It makes it look pretty. There are designers that create "premium themes" and are available purchase as an alternative to spending thousands on your blog design. They are fully customizable. Which is why we give you the choice of a gorgeous premium theme that we install on your blog.


Do I have any limitations with my blog?

The great thing about choosing is you don’t have many limitations. You can make your site do practically anything as long as you abide by the terms of service with your hosting company.


Can I use my existing hosting account?

To use our free blog setup service, you must purchase a NEW hosting account with our partner HostGator. Why? Because it costs money to build your blog and we offset the costs with the commission that they pay us. If you already have a HostGator account and still want to use our service, email and we can build a blog on your existing account for a one time setup fee of $97.


Are there any hidden fees or contracts?

No. We do not charge you anything for this our setup service. There are no hidden contracts or any games whatsoever with HostGator either. You can cancel anytime. Just pay for your domain name (if you don't have one) and your hosting and we take care of the rest. 


Can I change my themes and plugins?

Yes, if you don’t want to use the themes or plugins we provide for you, feel free to delete them and add any compatible themes or plugins to your blog.


Will I have support on my site if I run into a issue?

Absolutely. HostGator has 24 hour technical support if you run into any technical snags. Please understand that does not provide support for your individual blog after the installation is complete.


Can I install this on an exsiting site?

When you ask us to do a blog install for you, it must be a stand alone site. Meaning, we cannot add this blog to your existing site at something like It will be designed on your domain and there cannot be anything currently in use or it will be replaced with the new site.


What if I bought my domain through someone like Godaddy or Namecheap?

This is totally okay! You will just need to take one extra step in the process. After you order your hosting, we will send you instructions on how to "change your nameservers". This is fancy language for how your domain connects to your new hosting account. It's a short address we give you to copy and paste in over on your domain registrar. This process can take up to 48 hours for the hosting to recognize the nameservers.


If I have a existing email account using this domain name, will that be affected?

Yes. Your mail service will be interrupted when you change your nameservers. You do have unlimited email accounts with HostGator and it's very easy to setup new email accounts. We will send you instructions on what to do if you have email accounts already setup.

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Here's Exactly What You'll Get With Our 
Free WordPress Blog Setup

  • We setup your hosting, domain and install all the necessary files for you, so that you can have a self-hosted blog without any of the tech headaches.
  • Your blog comes installed with a gorgeous customizable premium theme of your choice by Elegant Themes, so that it looks like you spent thousands on your design.
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  • You own the hosting account and the domain, meaning you retain 100% ownership and control of what you do with your new blog.

On behalf of my team, we look forward to building your blog and seeing it change lives.

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